About the project

A first-class

Nivy Station isn’t unique in only one way. It is a combination of many important features in one concept combining a traffic junction, traditional retail and modern retail trends with fun, lifestyle and breakthrough concepts along with a market and a green roof.

A good mix but bigger


A well-designed mix of brands, good navigation and plenty of opportunities for spending time equals more people and higher sales.

70,000 sq m


Nivy Tower offices as a part of the Nivy Station project will attract new clients and ensure all day vivacity.

30,000 sq m

The Market

The Barcelona-style city market will offer its visitors a wide range of seasonal food all year round and has an ambition to become a popular gastronomic destination.

3,000 sq m

The Bus Station

The airport-style bus terminal will bring more than 20,000 passengers a day that can comfortably go shopping, eat and have a nice time with friends.

30,000 sq m

Transportation and Parking

Excellent cycling infrastructure, strong public transport connections, an underground roundabout and 2,150 parking spaces will ensure comfortable access for its customers.

2,150 parking spaces

Green Roof

A year-round outdoor destination with a lot of sport, work and leisure opportunities is directly connected to the food and market floor.

12,000 sq m

The Bus Station

The integrated bus station will attract about 20,000 visitors a day who will be able to buy some food or relax before travelling. Access to goods and services will be simple and convenient. The station will change from a transit zone into the destination itself.

More than 1,300 bus connections per day

International and regional links

High potential for FMCG, F & B and mid-level fashion

A high standard airport-style bus terminal

The Food and Market Concept

Diversity, freshness, quality and the opportunity to discover new flavours. Nivy Station will bring a new gastronomic concept reflecting a clear trend towards a larger F & B selection in shopping malls. The marketplace, restaurants, street food and cafes in an area of more than 3,000 sq m will combine a food experience with plenty of other leisure time opportunities, making Nivy Station a sought-after place to spend time.

The first Barcelona-style market in the city

Year-round street food and seasonal booths

Top quality farm and locally produced products

Restaurants and specialty shops

A wide assortment for a wide range of customers

Connection to an active green roof

The Green Roof

Rich greenery and plenty of opportunities for spending free time will make Nivy Station a good city park. People will be coming back more often and retail outlets here will create the ideal opportunity to tie your product in with roof activities.

A track and a climbing wall

Community gardens and barbecue areas

A children’s play area

An atrium and a picnic zone

The ground plan of Nivy Station

Thoughtful space

We took years of experience, feedback from clients and the latest trends in retail business into consideration while designing Nivy Station. We really thought about everything: from the natural movement of people and naturally instinctive navigation to the maximum efficiency of operations. Combined with an affordable location and high standards, Nivy Station will truly become a new generation of shopping culture.


Floor 1



Nivy Station

  • A unique concept and design

  • The marketplace and the green roof

  • The future city centre

  • A fast-growing market

  • 55,000 + visitors a day

  • A strong partner and prestigious architects

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