The capital city
of shopping

The capital of Slovakia is a typical shopping destination compared to the Czech Republic and other  Western countries. This is due to the absence of high street destinations and shops being concentrated in shopping centres, which are, among other things, sought after places to spend time. The status of the capital city, job opportunities and a convenient connection to the region create conditions that can feed many shopping areas in the city.

The 5 th

richest region in Europe

179 %

of GDP in Europe

48 %

of the retail turnover of the whole country


people a day in Bratislava

1300 + €

average wage

Bratislava's market is growing

Bratislava is growing fast – positive economic development is reflected in customer preferences and rising retail sales. Customers are spending more and more money and retail sales are growing – especially in segments like sports and gastronomy. *

* Year-on-year increase 2017/18 – Sport 17% and gastro 10%

Slovaks love retail

The typical Slovak customer has a lot of demands on fashion and spends much more time in shopping centres than customers in neighbouring countries. In 2017, for example, the average visit rate per sq m was almost 60 % higher than in the Czech Republic. *

*Source: CBRE, Analysis of regional shopping centres in Slovakia

Employment and purchasing power are on the rise

Unemployment in Bratislava reached a historic low of 3 %. More and more people can pay for higher quality, and despite the increasing volume of e-commerce, Slovaks prefer the experience of shopping in brick and mortar stores.


A big little country

Slovakia represents a relatively small market compared to neighbouring countries. Slovaks, however, need quality food and fashion, which is also reflected in the increased demand for quality retailers. Brand fidelity is the highest among Slovaks. In addition, the country is experiencing great economic growth, which leads to an increasing ability and willingness to spend.

+4.2 %

of GDP 2019

+3.5 %

real wage in 2018

1000 + €

average wage

19 + MLD €

in retail sales

48 %

of retail sales are generated in the Bratislava region


Nivy Station

  • A unique concept and design

  • The marketplace and the green roof

  • The future city centre

  • A fast-growing market

  • 55,000 + visitors a day

  • A strong partner and prestigious architects

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